Our History:
The Orlando Pagan Collective (OPC) started life out as The Wiccan Religious Cooperative of Florida (WRCF) in 1989 when two of its founding members hosted their first public Sabbat Circle in Cocoa Beach at Litha. The WRCF Inc. was incorporated in 1992 and was granted 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 1993. We started doing business as OPC in 2011 in order to expand our outreach. With the change to a more inclusive name, OPC has a renewed energy to bring the community together.

Our Mission:
The Orlando Pagan Collective exists to establish a stronger sense of community within the Greater Orlando & surrounding Central Florida areas, by developing mutually beneficial community services to help all Pagans practice their particular path or tradition.

Our Plan:
Through fundraising, donations, and all of your support, we want to fund land open to all and for all paths –  a place where we can come together in fellowship, free from judgment or other venue restrictions. This new, community space is where we can dance, drum and sing in celebration of our deities.

Our Vision:We see a future where there will be peace in our Pagan community that will foster more community activities, increase education opportunities, and provide stewardship in the community. It will also provide the non-Pagan community with an understanding of Pagans, their beliefs, and values.