The Orlando Pagan Collective exists to establish a stronger sense of community within the Greater Orlando and surrounding Central Florida areas. We aim to develop mutually beneficial community services to help all Pagans practice their particular path or tradition.

Through fundraising, donations, and your support, we strive to fund a piece of land open to all and for all paths. We hope to create a space that belongs to all of us, which will foster more community activities, increase education services, and stewardship of the Earth and her inhabitants. This would be a place where we can come together in fellowship, free from judgement or 3rd party restrictions. A place where we can dance, chant, drum and sing in celebration of our deities. The Land would serve as a base of operations for the OPC and be open to all members.

Board of Directors

The Orlando Pagan Collective is run by a volunteer board of directors who are elected by the voting members for a three year period. Anyone who has been a member for a year and a day and of good standing may run for a position on the board.

Current Board 2020

Path – Druid Shintoist



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