Tarot Tuesday – Nicoletta Ceccoli

For today’s Tarot Tuesday we used the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot with an  Elemental Circle spread. 

Spread- Elemental Circle

The Elemental Circle Spread is drawn by shuffling the deck and drawing until you get one for each of the minor arcana, then after one of the major arcana. You match each of the minor suits to the element (wands for air, pentacles for earth, cups for water, swords for fire). Then the one major arcana is used to tie them together for the reading.

 Minor Arcana

King of Wands
A person who leads but needs to keep themself from being overbearing and impulsive. 

 9 of Swords
Things do not feel as they should, either hide or face them.

7 of Pentacles
Take your time, patience is worth it for the outcome.

10 of Cups
When things are hard look to the aid of your friends. 

Major Arcana

Justice VIII:
Keep yourself in balance.


Look to your friends to help you face what is going in in your life. Allow yourself the time to think before you act. The path forward is finding balance without backing away, that is what friends and family are for.

So there you have our second Tarot Tuesday. Please let us know what you thought of this. If there are any spreads you would like or questions you would want us to look into.

Blessed Be.

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