Way of the Panda Tarot – Tarot Tuesday

Way of the Panda Tarot

For today’s Tarot Tuesday, we are using the Way of the Panda Tarot.  This deck is an indie deck by Fables Den, so you will probably not see this deck at your local big box store or even your independent New Age store.

We are out of Mercury Retrograde, so let us take a look at what is directly ahead of us while we head towards our new Moon this Monday, July 20th.  Below we have a simple but revealing 3-card spread.

Spread – Reveal the Changes Ahead

Change is ahead of us.

Card 1: Ten of Wands

You are exhausted.  You cannot move.  You want to take break.  Although you are shouldering responsibilities and you might be in creative overwhelm, keep calm and move forward slowly.

Card 2: Five of Swords

There is debate and mental sparring all around you.  You are facing confrontation often and it can be exhausting.  Be wary of petty arguments and bitter sarcasm from yourself and others.  Some are just trying to provoke.  To prevent further exhaustion, choose your battles.

Card 3: Eight of Swords

Sometimes you just have to scream at the universe because you are not sure how to solve your problems or defuse a negative situation.  You may feel you have limited options and all seems helpless.  However, even if you have limited options, you have options.  Try not to succumb to what is happening outside of us and look inward.  The change you seek is inside of you.


Don’t be discouraged.  Don’t get overwhelmed by all the drama around you.  If you want to enact change, look inside yourself.  You have options and solutions.  Choose one option, even if small, to change.  Like Mercury, it just seems to move forward.  A single decision can help you move forward as well.

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