Tarot of the Hours – Tarot Tuesday

Tarot of the Hours by Weather Factory

The spread is one that I feel works with the deck itself. The Moth to the Flame. It looks at what is drawing you in (the flame) and what aspects of yourself are causing you to be drawn in (the moth).

The deck was designed around the game Cultist Simulator so the cards have been influenced by it, changing how both the major and minor arcana is set about.

You can find the deck here- https://www.etsy.com/listing/774143958/tarot-of-the-hours 

And info about the game here- https://weatherfactory.biz/cultist-simulator/ 

Moth to the Flame

The Moth:

9 of Wands – Knight of Cups – 8 of Pentacles – 3 of Pentacles

9 of Wands

A bottle is almost empty, right now it is time to think time to finish what you have or leave it. The question is what have you been imbibing and is it helping or hurting you.

Knight of Cups

A person of two sides is in your life. The question is what side are you seeing. One is hidden but pure, the other is a mask that is empty.

8 of Pentacles

An amulet of power is with you (either physical or metaphysical). This can be something you have crafted yourself or have gathered. 

3 of Pentacles

A perfect coin before you. This is a showcase of your skill that the coin represents.

The Moth (All four cards)

You have a lot to give and have gathered much to improve yourself but you still long for more, what happens if you finish the bottle or look for the person behind the mask.

The Flame:

6 of Cups – Ace of Wands – 5 of Pentacles – 4 of Pentacles

6 of Cups

Information has come that has changed what you once thought.

Ace of Wands

A moth is above within the flame part of the spread. It shows that maybe even if you do get drawn into the flame you will grow from this trial by fire, just do not burn too bright.

5 of Pentacles

A coin that has been heavily used, passed around and no longer has the same sheen it once did. The desire to remake it is shown with the hammer and anvil but will that improve or diminish what you have now.

4 of Pentacles

A pile of raw material is before you. This is what could be used to improve the coin you have. The question to answer is will you be able to use it or will it become a burden.

The Flame (All four cards) 

You have new information that is driving change within yourself. You need to see if you have the proper materials and tools to go about this. It will be hard and you might get burned so you have to think it through.

Moth and Flame:

The question that you need to answer is do you feel that is it worth getting close to the fire to improve what you already have or is it best to enjoy what you have now. If you do go to the flame you will get burned but it might be worth it. If you stay away you might be able to see the person from the mask, or maybe they can help the trial the flame represents.

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