Tarot of the Divine – Tarot Tuesday

Tarot of the Divine

By Yoshi Yoshitani

This deck each card represents a different story or legend from around the world.

Pentagram Spread:

With this spread of five cards we move from our current situation, look to the past to see what we can learn. Move to the future and moving forward finding both what is hidden and unseen that act upon you.


Ten of Coins: Pan Hun

Right now the hard work is done, enjoy what you have sown and settle down before the next task.


Knight of Coins: Heitsi-Eibib

The reason you are where you are at is the hard work you have put in. Do not let your own achievements lessen what you have done. You earned what you have.


Death XIII: White Bear King Valemon

The next task you have before you will force you to let go of old ways of thinking. Instead of just staying where you are, you need to evolve to meet the upcoming challenge.

Hidden Aspects-

Queen of Coins: Waramurungundju

Be willing to teach yourself. There are answers out there but you need to be willing to ask.

Unseen Influence-

The Star: Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanuska

Even as things change, have hope. Find the path that works for you.


Enjoy things being slow while they are right now, but understand that things will be moving soon. Be willing to learn new things that help you forage your own path.

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