Tarot Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!  It’s Volanndra with this month’s first Tarot Tuesday.

We have two decks for this reading, the Spread Machine Cards+Oracle to craft the spread and the Light Seer’s Tarot to perform the reading.

The Spread  Machine Cards+Oracle reveals the following spread:

1. What are you seeking? A Worldview – your point of view, your perspective, your opinions, and your attitude.  You can also dive deeper and use this card to explore your core values, ingrained beliefs & childhood conditionings.

2. What should you be focusing on to achieve what you are seeking? Dreams, True Calling and Vision

     Dreams / Luck – What opportunities and joyful surprises are in store for you?  What can you do to align yourself to the energies of luck?

     True Calling / Limiting Beliefs – What are the negative assumptions or perceptions that limit and stop you from being the best version of yourself?  What have you been conditioned to believe?

     Vision / Manifest – To create, to bring into existence, to make into reality.

Using the Light Seer’s Tarot against this spread, here is the message:

1. What are you seeking? The Five of Wands shows that there is a struggle to be dominant.  We are driving to be the best, to be “right”, to be the one that everyone listens to.

2. What opportunities should we expect to achieve our dreams to be the best?  The 2 of Pentacles suggests that we have been lucky to be resilient in all the change that has been surrounding us.  We need to work on balance.

3. What limiting beliefs are preventing us from our true calling to be the best?  The Ace of Pentacles represents all that is earthly: matter, body, and wealth.  We are too concerned with the material things – with our perceived status and performative social life.

4. What must be visualized and manifested to be the best? The Knight of Swords represents ambition – the unbridled ambition of propelling forward with a vision.  We must be aware of the consequences and obstacles in order to manifest what we want.

Summary – we have the desire to have our worldview be accepted by the world around us.  We want to dominate the conversation and show others we are the opinion to believe.  In order to achieve this dream of dominance, we need to balance what is coming at us.  We should listen to what is around us and find a way to balance the different ideas with our own beliefs.  What will limit us to achieve this calling is showing a side of self that we think the world wants to see.  We will limit achievement by being performative instead of true to ourselves.  To manifest the exact vision of acceptance, we must be conscious of the pitfalls of ambition, the consequences of forcing ourselves to the front without any care about who we may affect.  

We can be a voice to be heard-  to be valued –  when we understand that we cannot rely on luck to achieve this vision.  We must accept that ambition must be balanced with the true self.  Our opinion is valuable when we learn from without to be a better person within.

I hope you have a wonderful week.  See you back here soon!

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