The New Year in the Cards – Tarot Tuesday

With the year starting I thought it was a good time to do a year spread. This is just taking a card for each month. The deck used is the Shapeshifter Deck.


4 of Fire – Merging

Right now is a time to gather that you gained (for both good and ill) from the last year and find a balance with it. Once you are able to do this use this energy to push forward into the new year. This is just the first step.


5 of Air – Struggle

Even with new energy there still will be roadblocks that are still around. Do not waste your time or energy getting stuck in the weeds on things best left alone. If you feel drained just focus on one step to get you back on track.


VIII – Courage

The hardest thing to do is look and take strength from failure. Look and see what you can learn from what problems you have not walked away from victorious. You might not get a second chance but will be able to be ready when something similar comes along.


3 of Earth – Mastery

Now is the time to look at what worked the last few months and what you can focus your energy to. Think of what will enrich your life the most; it could be learning something new, building on a current project, or restarting something forgotten.


10 of Air – Burden

Do not let other things get in the way of what you are trying to focus on and turn your mind bleak. When trying to focus on a single idea other things will weigh you down more and more. It becomes easy to put it off, and then the project itself becomes the stone around your neck. If needed take a break from it but do not put it away.


XI – Nature

The year is half over and it is a good time to look to balance things. Have you been spending your time and energy effectively, or have you put too much into one side of the scale and letting the other go empty? Now is a time to look and see how to make sure things are aligned so the second half of the year can continue on a proper path.


6 of Air – Victory

Look and see what you have accomplished so far. Have you achieved what you were going for? We can be our own worst critics so even things might not be where you would like them to be; it might be good to look to others who can see things from a different perspective.


XXI – The Double

You can be your own worst enemy, the Double can represent doubt in what you are doing. You need to discern what is going on within yourself so the part of you that brings you strength is the one that is in control. Do not let self sabotage prevent the moment you have been building.


9 of Water – Sustenance

Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Let these empower you while you rest so you can push through to the end of the year. Just do not drink too deeply from the cup you have been filling or it will leave you drained instead of refreshed.


3 of Air – Partnership

Share that which you have gained with those around you. This will aid both sides of the coin. By sharing what you know you reinforce it and you pass it along. The person you pass it to can build from it and add their own energy to it and give it back.


XIII – Rebirth

It is time to see how far you have gotten with this year. Start to make plans for the next year now so that you will be ready. Time at the end of the year never seems to flow at a normal speed so now is a good time to go over what worked and did not. Write things down, audit what you have done, so you can start fresh or double down on what you gained from this year.


0 – Initiation

It is time to take the first step off the cliff and start a new journey. In tarot 0 or the fool is both the beginning and the end of the journey. December is the close of the year but that just means the start of the next. Have your iron hot so you can get a jump on the new year. I would suggest writing down what you want to gain in this new year with the knowledge you gained over this one on the winter solstice, the longest night of the year and let the growing daylight help bring this new path to light.

I hope that 2021 is a wonderful year for you and yours. We all experienced what 2020 had to offer but we should not dwell on it but put our energy into making 2021 the best year it can be.

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