Two Paths – Tarot Tuesday

Two Paths Spread

Tarot of the Divine – Yoshi Yoshitani

For this reading, with the year still young, focus on a fork in your path and look at the different options, with one card being the known and the other the unknown that will come if you go down that path.


3 of Swords: Crane Wife (Tsuru Nyōbō)

This card is based on the story of Tsuru Nyōbō of a man who marries a crane in disguise. To help support them she asks the husband for privacy when weaving. The husband spies on her and finds out she was plucking her own feathers hurting herself in the process of weaving. He asks her why she did and she responds out of love.

Looking at what this story has to tell the path you are on deals with are you giving up/hurting yourself for the right reason.

Path 1:


9 of Coins: The Legend of the Watermelon

The hard work put in will pay off.


9 of Cups: Taj Al-Muluk and The Princess Dunya

Tricky used to get what you dreamed of.

Path 2:


V – The Hierophant: White Buffalo Woman

Staying on the current path is what is expected


Queen of Cups: Yemoja

You are going down this path in a spiteful way


With any choice in life there is never a clear answer as you can see in both paths presented.

Path one seems to offer a reward when taking it but that also means that even with hard work you might have to play fast and loose with the truth as part of that hard work.

The second path seems to be a focus on going forward on the current trajectory that is expected of you. Life will go on, but you will feel like you are only doing this because it is expected and might not be what you really wanted.

So the question is which path are you willing to go down?

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