Self Improvement – Tarot Tuesday

Mind, Body and Spirit Spread

Deck – Nicoletta Ceccoli

With love in the air we go to the classic tarot spread, a relationship one, wait nope instead how about we look at self love (wait not that kind). This will be a simple three card spread one card for mind, body and spirit.


6 of Swords

It might feel like your mind is in a coffin because things are so busy and burning you out. Instead of letting the coffin be a burden let it help the rest it can give to let your mind wonder. Let this rest rebuild your mental strength and bring new ideas as you float down the river of thoughts.


Knight of Cups

Take control of your body. This can be looked at two ways. First is if you are involved with another do not let them put you into a position you do not want to be. The other aspect is to learn what your body needs. Not going to go down the diet and exercise but look at little ways to keep yourself riding along.


Ace of Cups

Love must start with loving oneself. It may be a trite saying at this point, but if you do not accept yourself others will not accept you. This though is not love in the romantic aspect but really accepting of who you are. Do not hide who you are from yourself and then you can be free to share it with others.

Did you gain anything from this reading? Do you have any ideas for future spreads or questions we could do? Feel free to ask in the comments.

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