Self Love – Tarot Tuesday

Deck – The Way of the Panda (Kickstarter Edition)

Self-love is a method of self-care.  February is a time of love, cleansing, and new beginnings.  This tarot Tuesday we will look at self-love without the bad jokes and innuendos.  Self-love is about having a high regard for your own care and happiness.  With that, we will pull 6 cards on how you can bring more self-love to your life.  But before we get into our 6-card spread, we start with the Dream Space panda that moves us into this world, into The Way of the Panda.

Now that we have entered the Panda Dream Space, let us look at how we can bring more self-love care into our lives!

What makes you amazing?

Eight of Wands – You are prepared to seize the day and catch the stars.  You know not to just sit there and gaze but to meet the Universe halfway to achieve your dreams.  You are prepared (with bamboo snacks!) and ready to go out into the world. 

What is a past accomplishment you can be proud of?

Two of Pentacles – You know how to listen to your inner rhythm, your inner song, to make things happen.  And when you ask for help and accept help, you can accomplish even greater things, easier.  Think about what you have accomplished where your decisions mattered and you had support.  You know what your most proud moment is.

What do you bring to others?

The Sun – You have a light inside you that affects everyone around you.  Shine your light every day.  The world needs it and you need to show it.

What are you skilled / talented at?

Five of Wands – When you are in a panda knot, you know not to start throwing punches but to roll with the confrontation and release yourself from the tussle.  You are strong and you know your priorities.  Lean into them and you will be on your way in no time.

Why are you feeling down about yourself?

Page of Swords – You are an intelligent panda (person).  But you doubt yourself.  You don’t listen to your intuition and accept the knowledge that you have.  At the same time, you feel like you know what you know and are the smartest one in your group.  You might not know everything but you want to learn everything.  Be curious and don’t doubt you can learn what you need to be a better person.

How should you show yourself love?

The World – You need to see yourself for who you are.  Self-love is about acceptance.  When there is imperfection, like the Earth revolving, you can begin again.  Accept your accomplishments and appreciate that more accomplishments are about to come again. 

I hope you take some time and care for yourself!  You cannot care for others if you don’t take care of yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Appreciate your accomplishments.  Listen to your inner song.  Learn what you can.  And keep on moving forward.  You are strong.  You are smart.  You can seize the stars above you!

Take care.

– Volanndra

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