Creativity – Tarot Tuesday

Creativity – Elemental Spread

Deck: The Bohemian Gothic Tarot
By: Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday, head back until Thursday (for reasons). For this time we are using The Bohemian Gothic Tarot with a simple Elemental Spread. The focus of the spread is on creativity and starting a new project.

The spread has four cards one for each element in quadrant.

North – Air: Intellect

6 of Cups

Looking at the card we see two children looking away from a grave. With this I see it as letting go of past issues and allowing yourself to pick up childish things again. Even though we are told to let go of them as we get older. Let yourself be a bit childish, creativity needs that sometimes to bubble up.

South – Earth: Finance

0 – The Fool

The Fool being both the start and end of the tarot can be the same in the reading. In the card you see someone posed on a gargoyle. In most decks the person is not watching where they are going and is headed off a cliff, compared to this where the person is in more of a pose and being ready for something though their eyes are closed. Reading the card in this way and in the element of earth I would say do not put unneeded strain on your finances to fund a creative endeavor. You do not know what path it will go down so make sure you can see what is ahead.

East – Fire: Passion

Page of Wands

We see a child in a white dress and veil holding a long candle dressed in ivy and a small book in the other hand. What we have here is someone at the ready to ignite what they have been building, both the candle and themselves being dressed for an event. With this I see it as the candle is not yet lit but is ready, it waits for the right time to strike the match.

West – Water: Creativity

10  of Wands

An old hag bears a great weight in the bundle they carry on their back. The shadow they cast is that of a demonic form. Looking at this you feel overburdened by past works you have started and cast off. We all have those projects that sound great and you start but never get around to. Before you start on the next endeavor make sure your pack is able to fit another project in it.


There is much potential with a new creative endeavor. The major things to look at are making sure you are ready to start with the right focus and mindset and not overburden yourself both mentally and monetarily. Right now it is hard to say how it will turn out, just you need to make sure everything has been looked at even before you take the first step.

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