Balanced Egg – Tarot Tuesday

Balance – Balanced Egg Spread

Deck: The Manga Tarot
By: Selena Lin

There is a myth that on the equinoxes you can balance an egg standing up (you can do it any day just takes practice). With Ostara and the Spring Equinox I thought why not use the egg for the base of a spread.

The goal of the spread is to help you balance what is around you even if it seems like it is hard to do.


VI – The Lovers

The Lovers here show a couple with one holding the other. Love comes in many ways, it does not always mean a physical love or even emotional. Love is a broad spectrum. With how this card is laid out, right now the love that helps balance you is protective love. This is love that is selfless because it is more giving from the person being the protector. Right now find if you need to be the protector or the one protected to balance yourself.


2 of Pentacles

With pentacles being represented by coins in other decks we can read this as finding balance with your finances. This is pretty standard in life, but there is something big in the background that could be a surprise to your wallet. With anything regarding money we always hope it is a banking error in our favor, but be ready if you end up having an unexpected bill come up.


III – The Empress

With a crown on her head, scepter in hand, shield at the ready and garbed in a flowing dress The Empress is a striking representation of the feminine. This is not about being a woman or the female gender but the aspect of the feminine. Sometimes to gain balance you need to embrace this. Often the feminine is seen as weak or soft but like The Empress seen here is far from that she is ready for battle. So when needed be the queen bitch who needs to come out from time to time.


Knight of Pentacles

The knight sits upon crystals with a bracelet made from some while they seem to be moving the pentacles around with an unseen force. They are keeping an eye on them though, so not letting their mind wander or being able to go into autopilot with it. The knight thus shows to make sure you are still keeping focus on something that you could just forget about or go on autopilot while it goes on. Sometimes tasks that we do day in and day out that have become routine might be worth looking at closer to see if they could be bettered. So do not let yourself be trapped by the familiarity of your actions.


XIX – The Sun

This card was not originally going to be part of the spread but it popped out when I did the first shuffle. So this helped shape the spread and The Sun fits perfectly into the center of the egg (insert yolk joke here).

We have the sun behind a smiling cherub holding onto a horse’s mane. It looks like they are in their “happy place” enjoying what they are doing. This is the goal of balance to find that place inside that lets you put your guard down, relax and be happy. Being in the center of the egg shows that can be gained from balance.


With almost all readings about balance the truth is understanding how to deal with things coming at you. But the spread does present some good tools and ideas to use to find that safe space in the egg. Though one thing to remember an egg is only protection for so long. Let yourself grow in it but one day you will need to break out of your shell. With this I never thought I would use a quote from my favorite anime here:

If the egg’s shell does not break, the chick will die without being born.
We are the chick; the egg is the world.
If the world’s shell does not break, we will die without being born.
Break the world’s shell!
For the sake of revolutionizing the world!
-Touga Kiryuu : Revolutionary Girl Utena

When you have gained all you have from being in your egg, break the shell and hatch full of the power and knowledge you incubated while you had that protection.

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