Tarot Tax Day – Fangs Spread

Feeling drained today?

Deck: The Gothic Tarot
By: Joseph Vargo
Spread: Fangs

Some consider the IRS to be blood sucking vampires, but that is giving vampires a bad name. With that joke in mind we decided to do a special Tarot Tuesday that we are calling Tarot Tax Day (well normally the 15th is tax day, but it has been pushed back to May 17th for individuals). While looking for my paperwork I found a strange 1040 with a tarot deck next to it. With money on most people’s minds today and the deck the spread is the Fangs spread with a focus on finances. The Fang spread looks at what is draining you.

7 of Cups:

We have a woman looking at a chest open and mist flowing out forming into demonic shapes. She is just looking at it happen with a blank face, not caring what caused it or the results. With this make sure you are not just letting things flow out while you watch, do you need Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, Disney +, HBO and [insert all the other video services]?

Ace of Wands:

A metal scepter with a red jewel in the center with red filigree around it. We let things that are pretty or slick make us spend more than what is really is worth. Do you really need the extra color lights or a function that you will never actually use on your next device?

Knave of Swords:

A gargoyle like creature perches on a tombstone with the moon behind them. This is the opposite of 7 of Cups, it is holding onto something no longer needed and burying it so that it is of no use to others. Do not regret having spent money but just because you did does not mean you need to hold onto things that no longer have a purpose.

XIV Temperance:

Before a large flaming brazer a woman stands with two cups with energy sparking between them. Temperance itself means self-restraint but this card is displayed in a more chaotic mood. In the standard interpretation of Temperance it would be moderation. With this though it feels more of make sure everything you do is in moderation, especially moderation. Binding yourself so tightly that you cannot enjoy things will drain you faster than you realize. Let yourself enjoy something that you can do without moderation.


To be honest I hate tarot readings about money; everyone wants to hear good things, know how to get more but I thought focusing on what is draining was an interesting take. Mostly the spread does speak of being frugal, money can be tight, but it does have a bright spot of finding a release with something you can cut loose with.

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