May Queen – Tarot Tuesday

Deck: Shape Shifter
By: DJ Conway
Spread: May Queen

Bealtaine, Beltane, May Day the First of May has different names and different festivities depending on what one celebrates. One tradition of May Day is the crowning of the May Queen. For this spread I decided to use the May Queen as a representation of The Triple Goddess with each card representing a different aspect of her: The Mother, The Maiden, and The Crone.

The Mother

1 of Earth -The Garden

We see a man and woman’s face shunned by nature, flowers, animals and rocks are used to center them. This card to me has always represented forging a bond. This can be physical, spiritual, or social. With this being the guidance from The Mother, look to forge new bonds and strengthen the ones you have.

The Maiden

11 Seeker of Earth: Tarvos

A man stands with the mantle of the bull over him. He is at the start of a journey dressed in a traveling cloak. Seeing this card as advice from The Maiden, now is a good time to start a new journey. With the power of a bull push through obstacles that would hinder you that you once thought were impassable.

The Crone

VII Power

Running at you a man shapeshifting into a tiger, in their wake is dust and behind that you can catch a glimpse of The Sphinx. The Crone brings this wisdom, accept the challenge before you.

The May Queen

She tells us that now is a time to move forward with your plans that you have yet to start and cast aside anything that gets in your way.

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