The Hidden Path – Tarot Tuesday

So after Tarot ChooseDay we have a winner!

Deck: Tarot of the Hours
By: Weather Factory
Spread: The Hidden Path

Tarot of the Hours comes from the game Cultist Simulator, (website) which you can get on pc, mobile or Switch. If you want to start your own cult it is worth checking out. As for the tarot deck you can get it here (store).

Now time to look at the spread, The Hidden Path.

This spread us set out as you come to a door, representing the first card. The first thing you have to overcome. Moving to the next card you enter a hallway. You have two seeming choices, left or right, but you also may turn back (represented by the card above the hallway). Choose a path to uncover what is blocking the true truth that you seek.

The Door-

Page of Pentacles

A person of authority is what blocks your movement forward. To overcome this obstacle you must not be forceful, understand their position and work out an understanding with them to continue your journey.

The Hallway-

6 of Wands

As you move through the door you are already in a state of metamorphosis and it is now at an end. Coming out of your cocoon after who knows how long it is time to look for new ideas and plan your next step casting off what you no longer need.

After this insight you come to a split in the path, you can go left, right or return with the knowledge you already gained.

Reason to Return-

5 of Swords

It is simple, you have become something new, now is the time to take this and leave. The door you see back is brightly lit and looks inviting. But, this is just like leading a moth to the flame. This idea leads one to a prideful outlook so when you get the chance to learn more might let the chance fly by.

Left Path-

Ace of Cups

A single cup is before you. What can you do with it or are you even going to take it with you? Think if this tool will be of aid to you in the future or if it will simply become a part of what already clutters up your life. It is up to your instinct if you find value in what you find.

Knowledge from the Left Path-

4 of Swords

With the knowledge gained from the Ace of Cups you can now create the tome you find at the end of the path. Take this book and fill it with what it calls for you to add to it and nothing else. This does not have to be magical in any way but let it help you grow as you fill it.

Right Path-

King of Cups

Another figure comes into view. As you get closer you see how imposing they are and are not a person but an idea that has been putting you ill at ease. This is something important that needs to be done but you always find a reason to avoid it. You have already started this by just confronting and learning this fact.

Knowledge from the Right Path-

2 of Swords

You arrive at a barren desert, the sand sifts under your feet and the sun above glares down. The feeling of being more lost than when you started seeps into your mind. Now is a time to focus on your next step. Around you is a hostile environment but it can be overcome by focusing inward and blocking out the harshness that is around you. Once you can get your barring, take your next step forward.


So which path did you choose?

(Note: Normally I would go more into an overall meaning behind the spread, but this spread really is down to your choice. So I cannot make that decision for you. Also did you like this type of reading? Let me know. -M)


For those that want this was the second place deck, losing by just one vote.

Thank you everyone for voting on Tarot ChooseDay. Let me know what you thought of this idea and if you would like to do something like this again.

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