Tarot Tuesday – Secrets of the Necronomicon

Deck: Secrets of the Necronomicon

Spread: Step Pyramid

With H. P. Lovecraft’s birthday being last Friday August 20th, I decided to unearth the old Necronomicon to see what it has to say about what love craft is most known for: Fear.

This spread is based off of a step pyramid (as found in the city of R’lyeh where Cthulhu waits dreaming). Each of the three steps has what you see on top and then what is below. The focus of this spread is to overcome fear. With each step being part of what the situation is.

The First Step: What you are afraid of

Above: Knave of Swords

You are worried about letting others take things you have worked for while you are not in control of your situation. This is represented by the donkey being held down with the thief easily stealing from it.

Below: Ace of Wands

While you are being held down by others you are worried that opportunities you could take will pass you by.

The Second Step: How to control your fear

Above: King of Cups

You see a priest filling a chalice by squeezing grapes. This shows him focused on what his task is at the moment allowing other things to not matter. Use this aspect to not feel like you are not in-control.

Below: XX Judgement (Guardian of Eden)

Above a field and brook a rift is being torn by a multi-armed creature raining down fire on the people below. Use this aspect when you are not able to let things just pass you over; sometimes you just need to let your judgement rain down. Just be careful to not destroy what you care about.

The Third Step: What to look out for

Above: IX Hermit (I’thakuah)

The hermit is alone looking at their fire while skulls are behind them. With this you must not think of yourself as a person that does not allow others to help. Look and build friendships within your communities and be willing to accept their experience when you need it.

Below: 2 of Swords

A couple is kissing, holding each other, even though one is holding a dagger in hand. The meaning of this is just because in the past you have fought with someone does not mean they will always be an enemy. They still might be dangerous but that does not mean you should cut them out of your life completely.


Being able to face what you are afraid of is always something to strive for. It does not mean not fighting back, or evening being afraid, but not being stopped by what scares you is the key to learn from the experience. With the knowledge from the dark book of the Necronomicon the next time you are faced with fear you come away stronger.

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